Facts about CA

CA is concerned solely with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individual addicts who turn to the fellowship for help. Cocaine Anonymous does not engage in the fields of drug addiction research, medical or psychiatric treatment, education, or propaganda in any form, although members may participate in such activities as individuals.

The Fellowship has adopted a policy of “cooperation but not affiliation” with outside organizations concerned with the problem of addiction. CA never endorses, supports, becomes affiliated with or expresses an opinion on the programs of others in the field of addiction. CA has no position on outside issues including the legality or illegality of drugs or any other public policy.

C.A.’s relations with professional groups, agencies, facilities, and individuals involved with the problems of drug addiction are handled by the Public Information Committee. Mutual understanding and cooperation between CA members and others who work with addicts are the concerns of this standing committee of the World Service Office.

For more information, please contact pi@cafrance.org.